Business Development & Digitization: How To Generate Business and Attract Attention?

Time is running faster and faster and people rather communicate via social media instead of personal meetings. Due to high travel costs and the availability of tools for video conferencing and screen sharing many meetings take place in a digitalized way.

Moreover, people are bombed with sales messages in numerous adverts, wherever they are. Therefore question rises how your company, your products, your services are recognized by the market.

How can you create a brand, which is searched by potential clients?

In the past C-level and sales representatives have had used their network, which has been created over the years, meeting people on various occasions etc. to do business. As of today, people are overloaded by too many events and face to face sales activities are not efficient anymore in the analogue style. Stimulus satiation makes it more and more difficult to attract attention on the market.

There are various measures to attract attention and to generate business:

1. Focusing on your USP

Performing business development it will be necessary to develop a sufficient business development strategy. Based on a vision, successful businesses focus on a core service, a core business, where to have a unique selling proposition – USP, where to become a market leader or at least one of the view leading companies within a certain time. Thus it requires an analysis of your business by using e.g. an ordinary SWOT Analysis.

Define what your core business is. This may also include the evaluation of potentially successful market segments, based on a respective market analysis. Defining of what your core business is, in a digitalized world it will be also necessary to define respective keywords, which are related to your services and/or to what people search for when they wish to buy such a service provided by your company.


2. Digital Strategy

Today the market is on the net. Therefore Business Development activities require development and implementation of a clearly defined digitalization strategy. Buyers use various search engines to find a service and/or a product they wish to buy. Such search activities are not mainly carried out on a desktop or notebook, but rather on a tablet or smartphone.

Mobile communication is king.

Therefore it will be necessary to set-up your public appearance within the NET via the web page and social media based on your main keyword mostly representing your service or your product.

However, this also requires differentiation between geographical markets and language. Once you have defined your main keyword in your domestic language based on respective research, you cannot simply translate this keyword to any other language, as it requires a local and/or regional search of what keyword people use in the various geographical markets using different languages.

Therefore business in a digitalized world is global on the one hand side, but local on the other hand. The main question is what you can do that clients find you and your products and/or services.

mobile seo digital strategy

3. Optimisation

Often people use the term Search Engine Optimisation, also referred to as “SEO”, which means to optimize your digital appearance for the search engines – mainly Google, which became one of the most popular in the western world.

However, there are many more portals and engines worldwide. Thus your digital strategy shall not only focus on Google but also on other portals and/or marketplaces. People need to find you within the data jungle. They need to get the right information at the right time.

Your web page or social media page does not only need to be cool, but it needs to be found by people who are searching for your products and services and it needs to animate people to buy and/or to initiate a dialogue with your company. From the entries in various indices, such as the chamber of commerce, marketplaces, partner web pages etc. towards an optimized web page/portal, e-Mail signature and social media page, the digitalized appearance must be truly structured, focused and optimized.

Once your web page or social media page is ranked among the top 5 on the first page of a search result you have a chance to be found. Thus it requires on- and off-page optimization, but also a positive user experience to finally keep users on your page getting in touch with your company.

seo optimization digital srategy


Summarizing, an overall Business Development strategy more and more requires to focus on such products and/or services, where your company has a USP, followed by a clearly defined digital strategy supporting your business development approach and its implementation by optimization of your digital appearance.