Demuth Business Partner And BTS Art Factory Attended The Occasion “Austrian National Day” By Austrian Embassy In Macedonia

Skopje October 26th, 2016: Demuth Business Partner and the team of its Macedonian subsidiary BTS Art Factory have been present at the reception of the Austrian Embassy in Macedonia, on the occasion of the Austrian National Day. The team has been invited by Austrian Ambassador Ms. Renate Kobler.  

The team of Demuth Bussiness Partner and BTS Art Factory together with the Austrian Ambassador Ms. Renate Kobler

Networking at the Reception of the Austrian Embassy

In the history, October 26 has been the date of Austria’s National Day since 1965. Ten years earlier, the country had declared its permanent neutrality, which has since become one of the fundamental values of Austrian foreign policy. Nowadays, Austrian Embassies celebrate the Austrian National Day by hosting a number of different events for Austrian citizens and businesses around the world.

Austrian National Day in Macedonia, is organized and hosted by Austrian Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia. The event this year took place at Macedonian Opera and Balley and was attended by the most eminent representatives of the country, such as the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge  Ivanov, Ministries and government officials,  and Austrian and Macedonian successful business entrepreneurs and representatives.

(from left to right) Ms. Renate Kobler (Austrian Ambassador in Republic of Macedonia),  Dr. Gjorgje Ivanov, President of Republic Macedonia, and Dr. Christoph Demuth, Managing Director of Demuth Business Partner
(from left to right) Ms. Renate Kobler (Austrian Ambassador in Republic of Macedonia), Dr. gjorgje Ivanov, President of Republic Macedonia, and Dr. Christoph Demuth Managing Director of Demuth Business Partner

The team of Demuth Bossiness Partner was present together with part of the team of its subsidiary in Macedonia, BTS Art Factory.

Macedonia ranks among the Top Locations in Europe for Investments

During the event, it was pronounced the successful ranking of Macedonia as a top destination for business investment in Europe. According to latest economy rankings by The World Bank, Macedonia has been listed in the top 10 countries, right after Sweden and before Taiwan, China.  At the top of the global list, the first place is spotted to New Zealand, the second to Singapore and the third is Denmark.

BTS Art Factory becomes major player in Macedonia for Marketing, Business Development, and Design Services

Demuth Business Partner is one of Austria’s 50 companies present on the Macedonian market. The joint venture BTS Art Factory has been set-up in late spring 2013 by local entrepreneurs Nenad Makelarski, who is Managing Director, Photographer Borjan Sandrevski, Art Director Filip Tasevski – Fitz and Demuth Business Partner GmbH, located in Vienna. The start-up managed to be well recognized on the Domestic Market for the provision of Marketing, such as Social Media, SEO, Design, Web Design, as well as Business Development services and is continuously growing.

Moreover, the company provides its services also abroad by supporting its international clients in Europe, the US and even in the United Arabic Emirates as well as Uruguay. Demuth Business Partner and its entities located in Vienna, Munich and Tallinn are one of BTS ArtFactory’s sales channels. Moreover, the company provides outsourced back-office services to Demuth Business Partner Network including, but not limited to consulting services.