Business development through successful strategic partnerships in the network economy based on the example of the Beethoven Year 2020 (BTHVN 2020)

As early as October 2019, Demuth Business Partner entered into a cooperation with the marketing network around the Krefeld company BrandOn and the Upper Bavarian company Mehrwert specializing in visualizations.

As part of the Beethoven Year 2020 project (BTHVN'20), the innovative textile and clothing start-up DD Garment Solutions, at which Demuth Business Partner together with the Viennese project developer Dorfmeister Projektentwicklung GmbH is involved, operates the online shop BTHVN 2020 including the fulfillment, payment transactions and sourcing of clothing and merchandise articles as merchandise fashion. The technical operation is carried out by the other network company NEOVISION. BrandOn had acquired a license for BTHVN 2020 for the DACH region from the Beethovenhaus in Bonn.

Further online shops are to be operated technically and commercially in 2020, so that the customers of the network, such as museums, industrial companies or racing teams, can focus on their respective core business and generate additional income through the merchandising fashion business. "With NEOVISION we are pleased to have found an agency that specializes in the technical operation of online shops and can therefore complement our partnership with Kara5 and our participation in Fabricca, which specializes in graphic design and 2D animation," says the founder and CEO Christoph Demuth. It should be noted here that a modern economy can grow through successful networks, where everyone is highly specialized in a different area and the “trades” and services complement each other accordingly and thus contribute to the whole.

Demuth Business Partner brings into the partnership with BrandOn and Mehr:wert its existing network consisting of Fabricca (BTS ArtFaktori) and Kara 5 both in Skopje.

The two bridge builders Sebastian Retz (BrandOn / Mehr.wert) and Christoph Demuth (DBP, DD Garment) agree that a modern medium-sized economy as a community in the form of a well-functioning network is strong and also large projects for multinational or even fortune 100 companies can successfully implement. The duo also plans any activities in Austria. At the end of January 2020 there will be a joint CLUB WEISENHEIMER IMPULS in the Weisenheimer Hub in Vienna, where, in addition to two parallel working groups (innovative textile talks and mobility talks), there will be a key notes session and panel discussion on the topic of digital marketing, as well as a subsequent networking reception. Furthermore, the point of contact (PoC) operated by Mehr: wert xLabs, which is operated at the Vienna location, will be further developed and will be continuously expanded in future as a hub for Austria and the markets in Southeast Europe.